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Stacy “Bama” Burr: Best in the World, Champion’s Mindset, and What Ellen & Oprah Have to Do With EVERYTHING

June 19, 2019

Stacy “Bama” Burr began Powerlifting in the fall of 2014 and never looked back. Stacy is currently the All Time World Record holder in the 148 class across the board in both sleeves and wraps. Her 1,333 lbs total at 148 gave her a 620 Wilks which ranks her as the #2 female Powerlifter in the world.

  • ATWR TOTAL FOR CLASSIC RAW DIVISION1435 lbs (Squat: 565 / Bench Press: 320 / Deadlift: 550)
  • ATWR TOTAL FOR RAW DIVISION1245 lbs (Squat: 463 / Bench Press: 281 / Deadlift: 501)
  • WEIGHT CLASS 148 lbs
  • LOCATION Darlington, SC

Stacy played Division II Softball and has won various academic and athletic awards. She earned her degree from Coker College in Physical Education with a specialization in Exercise Science in 2014. She even presented research at the national level with the American College of Sports Medicine in 2014. While attending Coker she also earned her Personal Training certification through the National Council on Strength and Fitness in 2013. In 2014-2015 she served as an Assistant Strength Coach for the softball team at a local high school. One of Stacy’s goals is to be well versed in many different areas in order to help reach the needs of more people. Stacy served an internship underneath a Crossfit instructor and has also done her fair share of OCR races and running events before she fell in love with the sport of Powerlifting. 

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