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Lesley Paterson: The Brave Athlete

May 27, 2017

Abs and a$$-whooping. Lesley Paterson is a three-time world champion triathlete, professional mountain biker, coach, motivational speaker, reluctant fitness model and foul-mouthed Scotts lassie. Growing up in Scotland, Lesley was the only girl on the rugby team - when she was banned from playing with the boys with the arrival of boobs, she went after running and triathlon. Lesley went on to become a national champion in cross country and an international triathlete. With her husband, Dr. Simon Marshall, an international expert in mental toughness and exercise behavior change, Lesley owns Braveheart Coaching, a San Diego based company that trains endurance athletes to be faster and happier. Lesley's athletic journey is one of passion, grit, toughness and an unwavering 'Braveheart' spirit in overcoming obstacles. Lesley uses her on-camera training, media-ready personality, and accent to create meaningful as well as "entirely useless" content for endurance athletes (her words). :) 


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