The Same 24 Hours

Kortney Olson: Taking on Diet Culture, Addiction and Smashing the Patriarchy

February 16, 2021

Kortney Olson is the founder of GRRRL Clothing and author of "Crushing It."

Kortney Olson knows what it’s like to drag yourself up from the bottom. After surviving sexual assault, an eating disorder, depression and drug and alcohol addiction all before she was 21, Kortney knows how important it is to turn trauma, pain and despair into power, strength and confidence. Seeing a greater need out in the world to empower women, Kortney created an international clothing line. GRRRL clothing was the first clothing line to refrain from traditional sizing, rather using the measurements of female athletes to guide women to the right fit. Under Kortney’s inspirational leadership, GRRRL continues to grow and spread the message of radical self-love and gender equality in the face of society’s box, one GRRRL at a time.


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