The Same 24 Hours

128: Jairek Robbins: Optimizing Relationships

August 12, 2019

Jairek Robbins has been coaching business owners, teams and individuals for over a decade to achieve world class results in work and life through his personal coaching. His coaching has helped them make more money (while working less!), lose weight, have more passion in their relationships and more focus and energy than ever before.

He has delivered trainings and speeches to millions of people worldwide, speaking to businesses and organizations including, Ameriprise Financial, Harvard University, Leadership Conference, United States Air Force, AFSOC, Century 21, Tampa Bay Rays (Major League Baseball), BMW, United States Marine Corps, United States Olympic Team.

Jairek’s commitment to bettering humanity and himself began at an early age and was acknowledged with a Congressional Award - Gold Medal. He was awarded the highest honor for accomplishing over 400 hours of community service, 200 hours of personal development, 200 hours dedicated to physical fitness (he ran 2 marathons) and living overseas for an extended period (he lived in Uganda for 4 months volunteering) all within just 24 months. He accomplished all of this before the age of 24.

A funny part of the episode is Jairek describing his dad's "gentle" way of teaching him to ski.   

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