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Michael Stevens: Mind Field

December 7, 2017

Michael Stevens is the host of the YouTube Red series, Mind Field.  Mind Field premieres its second season on YouTube Red on Wednesday, December 6th.  Mind Field is a partial binge with four episodes available, and then one will roll out every week after that for a total of eight episodes in the series.

In the new season, with the help of the world’s top scientists and research labs, Michael explores mind control, the power of suggestion, the effects of technology on the brain’s hippocampus and spatial memory, and even experiences temporary brain damage by having his own brain magnetically stimulated, and much more.

Michael is currently on a nationwide tour with Mythbusters host Adam Savage called “Brain Candy Live”

Mind Field 
Season 2 launched December 6th, 2017 on YouTube Red. The YouTube Red critically acclaimed series Mind Field is hosted by Vsauce founder and science educator Michael Stevens.
Vsauce is the dominant educational network on the internet with over 18 million subscribers - millions of children and adults alike tune in to their various shows to learn about topics including social psychology, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and more - with an emphasis on making science accessible to all and applicable to the everyday. In Mind Field, Michael demonstrates how a seemingly mundane or simple topic can become fascinating and thought-provoking. Each episode inspires viewers to take a look at their everyday life in a new way. 
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