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Matt Fitzgerald: The Comeback Quotient

December 10, 2020

Matt Fitzgerald is author of the bestseller How Bad Do You Want It? and many other books on sports, nutrition, and mental performance. His writing has appeared in numerous sports and fitness publications, including Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Outside, Runner’s World, Bicycling, and Women’s Running.


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The Comeback Quotient

What’s the secret to a great comeback?

Everyone loves a great comeback. In The Comeback Quotient, bestselling sports journalist Matt Fitzgerald examines the science and stories behind some of the most astonishing comebacks in sport. Why are some athletes able to overcome overwhelming odds and rebound stronger than ever—are they superhuman? No, Fitzgerald argues, their power comes from “ultrarealism,” a mental fitness mindset that allows them to fully accept, embrace, and address reality. From triathletes like Mirinda Carfrae to ultrarunners like Rob Krar to rowers, skiers, and cyclists from across the globe, Fitzgerald delves into stories that are not just compelling but constructive, laying out the steps anyone can take to rebound from their own setbacks in sport and in life. Combining gripping tales with compelling research, The Comeback Quotient will change how you perceive the challenges you face, giving you the inspiration and tools to make the next great comeback you witness your own.

“Fitzgerald has been writing about the psychology of endurance performance for more than a decade and is one of the pioneers in terms of trying to take this body of research out of the laboratory and into the field for everyone to try.”
Runner’s World

The Comeback Quotient provides elite-tested mental strategies for loving the comeback more than hating the setback.”
—Jim Afremow, PhD, author of The Champion’s Mind


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