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Amber Brueseke: Strength Training, Mental Toughness and “Biceps after Babies”

July 6, 2020

Amber Brueseke is @Biceps.after.Babies.  We had such a great conversation around motivation, strength training for women, mental toughness and more.

She writes on her site:

"I'm a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, and a REGISTERED NURSE, but first and foremost I am a mom of four. I am a goal-setting girl boss who can't imagine a world without chocolate and peanut butter (combined, preferably).

Most days you can find me trying to balance my life: keeping a clean house, making healthy meals for my family, and shuttling my kids to cubscouts and gymnastics, all while serving in my church, reading uplifting literature, and raising responsible citizens.

It can be exhausting to keep all the balls in the air! But I know how important it is to recharge with some me time. When I get my sweat on, throw some heavy weights around, and fuel my body with the right nutrition, I’m a better wife, mom, sister, and friend.

There’s no reason why you or your body goals should be pushed to the back burner because you’re a mom with a bajillion responsibilities.

I work with moms who need to jump start their fitness goals, from losing fat, gaining muscle, or simply developing a better relationship with food.

I can teach you how to get a rockin’ body that you’ll love at every stage of life, whether you’re a twenty-something professional or a grandmother of 12."

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