The Same 24 Hours

Lisa Sharon Harper: History of Racism, Freedom Road and Planting Seeds

June 8, 2020

Lisa Sharon Harper, former chief church engagement officer of Sojourners in Washington DC and prolific writer, speaker, and grass-tops organizer, founded Freedom Road in 2017 and set out to assemble an equally prolific and diverse team of leading experts, advocates and trainers dedicated to shrinking The Narrative Gap, as coined by Lisa Sharon Harper, in our nation.

Through the power of story, the Freedom Road consulting group identifies your community’s core issues and strengthen its capacity to build a just world together.

Our team works with faith communities, non-profits, academic institutions and the business sector. At the intersections of faith, race, gender, economic development and environmental justice, we custom design strategic forums, trainings, and transformational experiences that build your community’s capacity for collective engagement toward a more just world.

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