The Same 24 Hours

Latoya Shauntay Snell: Running, Racism, and the Call to LISTEN

May 19, 2020

I asked Latoya to come on the podcast to talk about running and body image, sure. BUT I really wanted to talk about racism. As a woman who has enjoyed not only privilege in traditional sense, but white privilege, I want to listen. I want to understand. I really wanted to talk about Ahmaud Arbery and the things that have been happening in our country that white people don't understand, can't understand. That I contend that we SHOULD try to LISTEN, LEARN and really HEAR.

I knew that she was not a voice for "all black people," but I do know that I wanted to hear her perspective, as a black woman. I wanted to LISTEN.  

This is one of the most powerful conversations ever on the podcast. We got honest, real and I am grateful she was so open with me and my audience. Onward to more LISTENING.

Thank you, Latoya. 

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