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21: Dr. Anthony Jay: Estrogeneration

June 2, 2017

Fat. Sick. Infertile. In this eye-opening interview with Dr. Anthony Jay, we talk about the devastating truth about a class of chemicals called "estrogenics" and how your daily exposures can cause weight-gains, depression, infertility and many other exploding health problems. His peer-reviewed research and book, as talked about in this interview, is not something you want to miss.  You will be shocked to learn where these chemicals are lurking - but have hope. There are things we can do. And products that we can substitute to make our lives better.

In this book, Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile, Anthony G. Jay offers a clear and fascinating look at:

  • THE Top 10 List of Everyday Estrogenics 
  • Cutting-Edge Weight-Loss Strategies 
  • New Muscle-Mass Building Discoveries 
  • How Estrogenics "Feminize" Males 
  • How Estrogenics Harm Children 
  • 3 Detailed Estrogenic Avoidance Plans 
  • Specific Food/Water Estrogenic Numbers 
  • Simple Clear Language and Definitions 
  • The US and EU Legal Status of Estrogenics 
  • A Direct Exposé on Scientific Bias 
  • Brand New Epigenetics Discoveries 
  • Amazing Fishing "Tail" Chapter Openers 
  • An Actionable Summary Appendix
  • And much, much MORE...

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