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Dustin Lawson: Impeachment, Reason and the Logos Party

November 21, 2019

Dustin Lawson was "fired by the White House because I created a satirical political party called "The Logos Party", which reflects the type of reason-based politics that promotes intellectual diversity that I wish our country practiced more of. Since being fired, I have written a book called "The Logos Party: Doctor Democracy's Reason-based Political Party for Independent Minds." 

Furloughed for a month in January of 2019 during the longest government shutdown in United States history, Dustin asked himself, “How can liberals, conservatives, and independents better work together?” His conclusion: democracy remains healthy through healthy conversations, so political dialogue had to be improved. Political talks do not breakdown because of differences of opinion. They break down because of the foundations those differences of opinion are built on. The foundation on which we build our political beliefs could either be dogma, reason or a combination of both.

With the help of Doctor Democracy, who is the embodiment of all the great political thinkers of history, Dustin created the Logos Party, a satirical political party that provides a blueprint for how to take partisanship out of the conversation so that political discourse is not dogma versus dogma, but reason with reason. The goal is a re-dedication to the Enlightenment principles of intellectual diversity and intellectual humility on which the United States was founded.

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The Logos Party: Doctor Democracy's Remedy for Improving Political Dialogue. 


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