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150: CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke: The Beauty of Conflict for Couples

October 22, 2019

CrisMarie Campbell, an Olympic rower and Boeing flight test engineer, and Susan Clarke, a former marriage therapist and Equus coach, are the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. They also have a podcast with the same name: The Beauty of Conflict for dealing with conflict at work and at home. As partners in work and life for over two decades, they’ve adapted their proven step-by-step process honed working with Fortune 100 Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and San Francisco Giants to help long-term couples use conflict as a catalyst to greater intimacy, passion, and fulfillment. Their work and expertise have been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and Shape.




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