The Same 24 Hours

108: Britt Frank: You are Not Crazy. You are Not Broken.

April 29, 2019

*Warning: Sensitive Content, Language and Adult topics.

Britt Frank, SCSW, LCSW, SEP, is a ​trauma specialist and speaker, teacher, and therapist. She's also an award-winning adjunct professor at the University of Kansas.  Britt has worked as a primary therapist at a nationally renowned, Arizona based drug and alcohol treatment center that has been featured on A&E.

She is also a grief and loss expert and teaches classes and workshops on this topic. As a graduate of both Duke University (BA) and University of Kansas (MSW), and certified in Somatic Experiencing (learn more about SE), Britt is licensed in KS and MO to practice with adults, families and children.

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