The Same 24 Hours

Matt Javit: Traveling the World and Mid-Career Gap

March 26, 2019

Twenty-seven months of full-time travel? A mid-career break? Yes, please.  Matt Javit and his wife took off on this adventure- over 25 countries and 100 cities later, they are nearing the end of their travels--and are coming back even better than ever. 


World Barbershop Adventures: 



Photo Book Kickstarter 

With your support, POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World will be a beautiful coffee table book, full of images of policemen and policewomen photographed during a 27-month journey to 35 countries and 100+ cities.  The photo book will be published in September 2019. 

I am not a police officer, but I have a strong respect for the profession. With the help of this campaign, I will celebrate the pride, dedication, and sacrifice of police around the world. 

Part of the campaign is the ability to gift a photo book to a US-based police officer who signs up on the 'photo book wish list.' Please let any of your hard-working friends in uniform know about the possibility of receiving a book as a gift.

I have over 60 photographs of police from cities around the world including Santiago, Athens, Tokyo, Siem Reap, Warsaw, and Cape Town. I will include photos of the location to help the reader understand the culture.  There will be over 120 photos in the book. 


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