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Gerry Halphen: Heart Rate Training

April 21, 2017

Heart rate and such. Have Heart! Meredith Atwood sits down with Gerry Halphen in her first solo podcast. Gerry Halphen is an IRONMAN athlete (IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship qualifier and competitor), coach, catalyst, life-changer and friend to talk about the burning (or should we say “beating”) question: “Why do we REALLY care about heart rate training?” 

Gerry was the man behind the infamous “Spark” that changed Meredith A’s life back in 2009.  A heart-warming episode with a good soul, it’s always a joy to tell old tales, think about new goals and keep things real with the Coach Formerly known as “Coach Monster.”

Show Highlights
In this episode, Gerry and Meredith A. discuss:

- what heart rate training really is and what's the point of it

- how does this impact new athletes

- how does going SLOWER actually make you FASTER

- what Kind of TIME FRAME does heart rate adaptation take 

- why we MUST incorporate the other end of the training zone (anaerobic)

- the best way(s) to determine your HR zones:

  • Inexpensive and non-testing way.
    Generic 220-age (Max HR), then percentage of that sets zones
    Example, a 33 year old female... would be 187, then: 
    Zone 1: 112-130 (60-70%)
    Zone 2:  131-149 (70-80%)
    Zone 3:  150-168 (80-90%)
    Zone 4:  169-177 (90-95%)
  • Field Testing / Resource:
    Joe Friel:
  • Blood Lactate Testing  


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