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187: Daily Community Meetup 3/18 with Jen Elizabeth

187: Daily Community Meetup 3/18 with Jen Elizabeth

March 18, 2020

Today's Special Guest: Jen Elizabeth 

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During this crazy time, I am hosting DAILY community meetups online via ZOOM. You can join in on the Daily Community Meetup at - SEE people, be a part of a COMMUNITY, talk about what's going on and be supported.

The week of 3/16 and potentially beyond we are gathering at lunchtime (12pm EST) via ZOOM meeting.
You can all join and take part.
Come join us.

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Natalie Brenner: This Undeserved Life

Natalie Brenner: This Undeserved Life

December 12, 2017

Loss, motherhood, grace, adoption, faith, forgiveness and more. Natalie Brenner writes in, This Undeserved Life about all of these things. Have the walls of your life ever unexpectedly shattered, but you didn't feel you were allowed to acknowledge pain?  Natalie honestly shares her story of infertility and miscarriage, church trauma and abuse, transracially adopting while pregnant, and birth trauma. But this story is so much more than her story: this is your story. Regardless of the details of your story, Natalie confronts the question: how do you follow Jesus in the midst of suffering and loss? Natalie charges straight into the ugliness of suffering and the scandalous grace of the cross. This book will invite you into grieving loss in honest ways. You will uncover brokenness is not a part of God’s plan, you are not faithless if you choose to give loss the space it demands, and you are not petty if you offer sorrow a voice.

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